Turning over New Leaves

Since you’re reading this, the sky must be falling, Satan’s homeworld must be ice-encrusted, or somewhere there must be a pig flying around. Why you ask? Because I, former Mr. Don’t-See-Any-Use-In-Blogs, has actually started a blog of my own. Several things have contributed to making the decision to start up a blog.

  1. People like Ray Camden, Sean Corfield, Ben Forta and other big names in my profession have super blogs that have helped me with problems and generally gotten me hooked on reading their thoughts.
  2. I have recently left a full-time job that I have had for over 8 years and joined several friends in becoming a traveling ColdFusion consultant so I thought, what better time to start a blog than now.
  3. And finally, I’ve been looking for an excuse to try out Ray Camden’s excellent BlogCFC product

Finally, don’t expect to see the quality of ColdFusion and programming posts that you see from the folks mentioned above, but hopefully I can help someone out at times. ¬†Other times this will just be ramblings and opinions on sports, hobbies and other things that catch my fancy.

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