Using Automatic Labels in Your Monorepo

Are you an engineering manager or DevOps engineer supporting teams working in a monorepo? Do you happen to use GitHub for source control? If you answered yes to both those questions, read on! The Need We have recently migrated our monorepo from self-hosted BitBucket to GitHub. As part of the migration, we were looking for … Read more

Why I HomeLab

I’ve been a geek for the vast majority of my life. My family got our first computer when I was 13 (a Commodore 64 to date myself). I started my “programming” journey by typing in pages and pages of code from the C64 magazine. Along the way I learned how to debug what I’d typed … Read more

Software Engineering – It’s All Hard

There’s an inside joke among software developers that goes something like “naming things is hard.” That’s certainly true. I can’t count the number of times I’ve stared at my screen trying to figure out the perfect name for a variable, document heading, team name or any number of other things over my career. As I’ve … Read more

Gettin' off my duff

Well, at least partially. Since there are so many different ways that could be interpreted, let me explain. I’ve worked at home almost all of the last 14 years as both a full-time employee and freelance programmer–a good chunk of that that time in both roles at the same time. That means a LOT of … Read more

Reason for the Silence

Wowzers! It’s been 10 months since I create a post on my blog! There is a good reason for that, I promise. I’m obviously not a prolific blogger like Ray Camden or some of the other folks that seem to be able to churn out blog posts as often as some of us sneeze, but … Read more