Why I HomeLab

I’ve been a geek for the vast majority of my life. My family got our first computer when I was 13 (a Commodore 64 to date myself). I started my “programming” journey by typing in pages and pages of code from the C64 magazine. Along the way I learned how to debug what I’d typed … Read more

Apple Mighty Mouse Rant

I try really hard to be an Apple fan-boy…I really do.  I love my Macbook Pro, really like my Mac Mini and adore OS X. I even like my AppleTV units pretty well (a little less with the new GUI, but that’s another story). BUT, I’m really starting to take a very negative view of … Read more

What I'm Thankful for…

…that I made the choice to convert to the Mac platform so as to avoid having to deal with Vista! My Mom had to get a new machine this week after the processor on her old one went out.  Of course it came with Vista and, after a couple of days of futzing about with … Read more

Leopard 48 Hours In

Well, I’ve been “experiencing” Mac OS 10.5 Leopard for about 48 hours now.  After waiting so long and having this operating system so hyped up, I have to admit my reaction so far is somewhat mixed. My “experience” started off somewhat rocky.  I attempted to do an in-place upgrade in order to keep all my … Read more

Never Thought I'd Use It…

Earlier this summer when someone told me that you could hook two Macs together with a firewire cable, boot one up while holding down the “T” button and access its drive from the other like any other external firewire drive, I never actually thought I’d use it. Today, while working on one of my daughters’ … Read more