Today is the Anniversary of My Enlightenment

Ok, so maybe that’s stretching it a little bit.  BUT, one year ago today I took delivery of my new Apple Macbook Pro. I continue to be just as impressed with it now as I was the day I wrote the first blog post about it. Looking back, it doesn’t seem like it’s been a year since I got it. Since that time we’ve converted every other member of the house to Apple notebooks (a black Macbook for my wife and white Macbooks for each of my twin daughters), added a Mac Mini with a 1TB Western Digital MyBook external drive to be the central media server for the house, and two AppleTV units (not to mention several iPods and a couple of iPhones).

All in all, I’m very pleased with our switch to “Mac land”. Things are stable and I’ve had to devote much less time to administering machines than when we were all on the Windows platform. The only thing we’ve come across that we’ve really had to change how we do things is we had to move away from using the online version of Quickbooks to run our business as it is dependant on ActiveX controls that only work in MS Internet Explorer.  We ran it in a Windows XP virtual machine via VMWare for a while, but that turned out to be a real hassle so we moved to the native Mac version of Quickbooks.

I’m still trying to get my wife to come around to the idea of me growing a pony tail though so I fit in with the whole Mac stereotype though…..

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