March Madness (really really mad)

What a (long) weekend! This year, as last, my uncle and I bought tickets to the Southeastern Conference Men’s Basketball tournament held at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA.  Unlike last year, we didn’t get to actually see our favorite team (University of Kentucky) take the floor.

Kentucky was to play the final game of the schedule on Friday night which was to tip off at 9:45pm ET.  However, during the overtime period of the previous game, a tornado rate as an EF-2 on the new scale hit the downtown Altanta area.  Trust me when I say that watching the teflon-coated canvas roof of the Georgia dome ripple and dance up and down was quite scary.

**Editor’s note: The rest of this post has been lost during one of the many blog platform migrations I’ve gone through. Even the Wayback Machine can’t find the entire post. My apologies

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