Server Migration Complete

Just a quick note to mention that my blog is now running off my virtual private server at SliceHost.  My server is running Fedora Core 6, Apache 2.2 and MySQL 5.  It is using the 512MB / 20GB plan that SliceHost offers.

There was some disucssion on the CFTalk list today about how bad of an idea it is to run your database server on the same box as your application server.  For the most part I completely agree that the workload should be divided between boxes.  However, this server just hosts a few hobby sites (like this blog and my amateur radio site and some development “preview” sites that we set up during the development process for client projects.  With that low amount of traffic, I don’t think there will be any problem with this box doing what I need it to do.

This is the first site that I’ve migrated, but I’ll be doing several others in the next couple of days as I rotate everything off the Windows 2003 Small Business Server that is here in the house.

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