In preparation for moving all the hobby and client preview sites that I now host from a Windows 2003 server on my DSL connection to a Fedora 6 virtual server at Slicehost, I've migrated my blog from BlogCFC to MachBlog 1.0.  I've also been putting off adding posts until I got completely migrated, so that's one of the reasons I have been radio silent in the last couple of months.

My two main reasons for making the move to MachBlog are ---

  1. I want to learn some more about using the Mach II framework and MachBlog is a great sample application to start with --and--
  2. I really like the skinning mechanism in MachBlog

I had to write my own data migration script using Matt Woodward's blogfusion_to_machblog.cfm page as a starting point, but that only took a little while.  Andy Powell has a SQL script to migrate from BlogCFC to MachBlog, but it applies only to MS SQL Server and I am running mine on MySQL 5.

My blog was pretty simplistic compared to many as I don't have any enclosures or trackbacks to have to deal with, so that made things simpler.  Another neat advantage of migrating from BlogCFC instead of BlogFusion is that Ray Camden used UUIDs for primary key records in the tables the same as MachBlog does.  That eliminated the need for several "conversion" tables that were in Matt's original script.

Originally, I had wanted to run this from the root of my site, but I never could get everything working correctly that way when I tried it a couple of months ago, so I suppose I'll just bite the bullet and have it live in the default /machblog directory.

Anyway, the conversion is finally complete and this will make it easier to migrate to the new server sometime in the next week or so.