Want to Learn ModelGlue….for (nearly) free?

Have you ever been curious about building CFML applications using the ModelGlue framework but just not had time to sit down and learn it on your own? If your answer is yes, then October 24th is your lucky day my friend. That’s the date for the BFusion half of the BFusion/BFlex conference in Bloomington, IN.

Dan Wilson will be giving an all-day training session on ModelGlue. Dan is the managing director of the ModelGlue project so you’ll be getting training from one of the main folks responsible for the framework. I have the honor of filling the role of teaching assistant for the class and I am really excited about the event.

Cost for BFusion/BFlex is $10 per person per day so it’s nearly as close to free training as you’re going to find. Registration is not open as of this writing, so be sure to watch the BFusion/BFlex site for more details as they become available.

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