As part of my birthday celebrations yesterday, we dropped our kids off at my sister's house and went to see the new movie Transformers. My sister and her husband had seen it a couple of days earlier.  I'll quote my brother-in-law's reactioin to the move:


Yep, I completely agree.  What a movie. What follows is a slight bit of a spoiler, so if you haven't seen the movie yet, stop reading now and come back after you've seen it.

There were a lot of things that they did tie back in to the cartoon series.  Obviously we expected to see Optimus Prime and Megatron.  When they told the boy that his car was named Bumble Bee, I immediately recognized the name from the cartoons.  Most of the names of the other characters were lost on me however, but hey, it has been 20 years or more since I watched the cartoons.

One thing that did puzzle m though was that they "killed" Megatron in the end.  I'm not sure how that affects the possibility of a sequel, but if Stargate SG1 can kill off Daniel Jackson twice and bring him back, I'm sure the writers can figure out a way to resurrect Megatron if they so choose.

All in all though, it completely blew away my expectations even with all hype surrounding the movie the last couple of weeks.