I got home from this week's trip to a client's site early (earlier than planned originally, and WAY early in the morning).  After a few hours of near-death rest, the kids and I opened up and configured what may be the coolest Christmas present any of us give or get this year.  The interesting part is that I didn't really buy this as a Christmas gift as much as a gadget I'd been wanting to try for several months.

A few weeks ago Woot was having one of their periodic "Woot Off" sales and I bought an iRobot Roomba Discovery (more info).  We set got everything unpacked and set it on it's home base to charge about mid-morning.

We've literally spent several hours today in amazement at this little "creature" doing its thing first around the basement and then around the living room upstairs.  Our border collie doesn't pay any attention to it (thankfully) and my 9-month old son is okay with it being in the floor with him until it is heading directly at him.

I'm constantly amazed at how it "learns" the room it's in as well as its ability to navigate around furniture and other obstacles. Oh, and it does a pretty good vacuuming job as well on top of having a high "cool factor". Maybe the best part is the deal I got from Woot vs. paying retail price.

My mother-in-law has already made me promise to bring it to their house over the holidays so she can test drive it there and decide if she wants one too!