Making the "Big Switch"

You can add me to another fast-growing list of developers.  Which list is that you ask?  Why, it’s the list of developers that are trading Windows machines for Macs.  That’s right, I finally took the plunge and ordered a shiny new Macbook Pro this week.  It’s supposed to be delivered tomorrow, but I won’t have a chance to play with it until I get home Friday night.

Now, I’m a total Mac NooB but I have been playing a little bit with an older PowerMac that I traded for a couple of years ago.  It has OS X 10.3 “Panther” on it, but I figured it would give me at least some idea of what to expect.

I’ll be blogging my experiences in switching over the next few weeks.  One thing that I have to get accomplished over the weekend is to get my ColdFusion/Apache/Eclipse environment set up as I have to be back at work with the thing on Monday of next week (oh, did I mention that my 18-month-old Inspiron 9300 is getting sold next week?  Hence the need to be fairly productive on it next week).

I can’t wait to get to get my hands on it….Friday can’t come soon enough!

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