Day 2 as a Mac Noob…

Well, I’ve now had the Macbook Pro for about 36 hours or so (part of that obviously was spent sleeping and not attached to it, although I seriously thought about skipping sleep last night).

Today has gone pretty well.  I got the developer tools all loaded from the install DVDs this morning and was able to get Apache2 installed.  However, unbeknown to me the Mac already had Apache 1.3 installed.  It took a little while to figure out why apachectl was starting 1.3 instead of 2 but some Google searches explained that.  Then a friend told me how I could fix it so that I didn’t have to type the entire path to apachectl for Apache 2 and life was grand.

Next up was ColdFusion and, although I followed the ACME setup guide to the tee, CF didn’t start up as planned.  So I pinged my buddy again and he gave me a snippet to add to my .bash_profile script that lets me type “cfup” and launches the command to start ColdFusion.  A couple of sym links later (I had installed CFIDE to my localhost web root instead of under JRUN) and I’m in to http://localhost:8300/CFIDE/Administrator

Now all I have to do is edit the Apache configs to set up virtual hosts for all my projects and connect CF up to them and I should be done with CF.

The it’s on to installing MySQL and Eclipse/CFEclipse (all before tomorrow morning when I need to use this thing as my primary work computer while the Dell makes a VM of itself).

Gonna be a long night…..

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